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Impacting the community through one Partner at a time!

The Cause

One report states, more than 328,000 Washington households experienced hunger. However, none of this data include the homeless because they can't be reached by USDA’s survey. 

Across our state there is widespread homelessness, so this major data omission makes policies and programs difficult. That's where LightHouse StoreHouse comes in. We aren't confined to surveys and government programs. Our reach will extend as far as our donors and volunteers allow it! That's where you come in.

What We're Doing About It

Impacting the community through one Partner at a time!


With continual government cutbacks, it has limited state programs and the burden has fallen on programs like LightHouse StoreHouse. We are a Nonprofit food distribution center, located in Fife, WA; we gather donated items and then distribute them to food banks and outreach programs. Since 2010, the LightHouse StoreHouse Food Center has been supplying food, household goods, and more and then distribute them to several programs throughout the state of WA who in turn supply their communities with these essential supplies. Currently, we provide resources for 35 different community programs in Washington State impacting over 15,000 families.

We also provide opportunities for people to get work skills training, community service fulfillment, aid in re-entry into society after incarceration, provide opportunities for people to get off street, and out of addiction. 

Certified Forklift Training

Need a New Career or Advance in The One You Have?

  • Classroom training
  • Hands on forklift experience
  • Career objective
  • Job resources
  • Resume building
  • Interview training
  • Safety training
  • Mobile equipment training experience

Worker Skills Training

Job Skills You Can Acquire While Making A Difference In The Community

  • Work Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Worker Safety
  • Policy/Procedure Compliance
  • Follow Directions
  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Basic Shipping/Receiving
  • Merchandise handling
  • Inventory
  • Pallet building
  • Teamwork
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective manager/coworker interaction
  • Warehouse equipment operation
  • Facility Maintenance
  • And so many more!

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Community Service

Make a difference in your community while you serve. We work with schools and the courts so you can enjoy the same benefits as our other volunteers while fulfilling your Community Service Requirements.  

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Want to get sober and need help?

First Try or Already Tried it All?

If you are serious about it, we have resources we can connect you with to help you take this step for a second chance at being the best version of you that you were created to be.

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How You Can Help

Be Involved - Volunteer

Are you passionate about what we're doing?

Let us know! 

As a 100% volunteer run operation, we are always looking for people interested in helping the community 

or in need of learning work place skills.

We're excited to have you join the team!  

Ask your employer if they have an EMPLOYEE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.  

If they do, spend that time with us; if not, we can help them implement one.

Partner With Us and Make a Difference

Your support and contributions will enable us to  feed the hungry in Washington and improve our communities by offering growth opportunities. Your generous donation will fund our mission.  Ask Your Employer If They Have a MATCHING DONATION Program. We can help them set one up! 

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Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. Sign up to hear from us about upcoming events, our projects, and how you can help!


~Ronnie Adams~

"LightHouse StoreHouse helped our church set up a food bank to help out the community and church members. After the church disbanded we kept the food bank going by delivering to homes; LightHouse StoreHouse has kept us going. They also give out food every Saturday at Pastor Banks church, Bread from Heaven Church, which is a great help to the community, some people may work during the week and need that extra assistance. Last year I was injured at work which cut my income to less than half, my wife also was not getting hours at work due to surgery as she was having to fight her breast cancer, LightHouse StoreHouse has been great in helping us with food for well over a year. I don’t know how we would of made it without the LightHouse StoreHouse!" ~Ronnie Adams~

Tukwila Weekend SnackPack Program

A BIG thank you to Lighthouse Storehouse for sharing the abundance with us! Look at this week's haul

 A BIG thank you to Lighthouse Storehouse for sharing the abundance with us! Look at this week's haul! Lots of hungry kiddos will get fed good things this week. — at LightHouse StoreHouse

Your Testimony

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Fife High School CAT Program ~by Kim Elliott~

“After 15 years at Columbia Jr High, I started my current position as a paraeducator in the Community Access Transition (CAT) program, with Fife High School in September 2017. I went into the job only knowing I would be working with Special Needs students that had graduated high school but remain in the program until they are 21. My instructions were to get the students into the community, have fun, walk two miles a day, and teach job skills, “Here are keys to the van you will use.  Pick up your five boys and we will see you in the afternoon.”

With rose colored glasses and knowing (I thought) enough people in the community, I started going to businesses and offering our services. I had never before heard so many no's as I did in those 2 to 3 long weeks. 

I had driven by The LightHouse StoreHouse Food Center almost every day, sometimes even 10 or more times.  Like so many in our community, I hadn’t taken notice. After another day of no’s, something told me to stop there on my way home one day.

Ken, the Director, met with me and listened to my story; then asked when we could start!! What a yes!!!!  Praise God!!!  Thank you!!! I know I shed a tear on the way home!!!  Our first job!!!! We showed up completely unaware of what our jobs would be. Ken would let me know what needed done and then would instruct the boys on what to do.

Ken and the other staff at The LightHouse StoreHouse Food Center have given these boys a sense of belonging, a place where they can succeed and do good for others; a place for them to be themselves and to be cared for.

Because of this opportunity The LightHouse StoreHouse has given us, these boys that started out only doing what I told them to do, now are able to take instructions from various other people, they can start and do jobs without being told and they can find work to do on their own.

The boys have grown so much in the months that we have been there; specifically, a non-verbal student now will greet others and introduce himself. A student that would avoid work now steps up and is the first to help load ministries (which includes building pallets and loading trucks). Another student that did not want to work now brags to others the jobs he does. One student that had to be told and shown step by step exactly what to do can now follow 2 step instructions. A student that had very little self-worth walks with his head a little higher and knows he is loved and worthy of that love.

I have to separate school from church, but the boys do not.  On more occasions than not I observe the boys praying with the ministries, I hear the boys saying “Bless you”.  To look out and see the boys holding hands with their fellow brothers and sisters and actively engaged in prayer tears me up every time. 

For me personally, I was unsure of my faith.  I do believe in God, I am saved, I do live a good life, just unsure of where I stand. The LightHouse StoreHouse Food Center has shown me what strength in God means.  To be in a place, that isn’t even a religious organization, where so much love is shown for their fellow brother and sisters is truly a blessing. The LightHouse StoreHouse Food Center provides not only food for the body but food for the soul and heart.  The LightHouse StoreHouse provides a place to be unconditionally loved by God and others and to love God and others.

I know that it was the hand of God that told me to stop on that day in September. Because of the work and mission of The LightHouse StoreHouse Food Center, not only have our lives and the lives of those close to us been touched, these boys have been set up for a more successful future.”  ~Kim Elliott~

Your Testimony

Coming Soon

Your Testimony

Coming Soon

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